Squash: Dumfries Squash Club Newsletter – Aug 2010

13 08 2010

Issue 8 of the Squash Newletter is on the shelves. See below.

Issue No.8

Scottish Squash & Racketball
Affiliated Club 2010/11

Dear Squash Players,

Welcome to the latest issue of the e-newsletter focussing on news and events in the squash section of Dumfries Sports Club. Inside this issue:

  • Off-Peak Court Pricing
  • Summer Club Nights
  • Squash Coaching
  • Squash Club Committee Meeting
  • Scottish Squash & Racketball update
  • Doubles Tournament
  • Easyfundraising reminder.

Off-Peak Pricing – the squash committee will be preparing a plan to present to the Sports Club’s Management Committee in September for the introduction of off-peak squash court pricing. Off-peak periods are generally during the morning, mid-afternoon and late evening and the aim is to increase the utilisation during these periods.

Any proposal needs to be revenue-neutral to avoid a veto, so heavily-discounted court fees during off-peak periods will necessitate a small increase in peak-period court fees. If you have any comments on this issue please contact me or any other squash committee member.

Summer Club Night is on a Monday night from 6pm to 9pm and has been proving increasingly popular averaging 13 players per night. As a result, while courts 3 & 4 are block-booked, after the start of Club Night at around 7pm any available slots on courts 1 & 2 after 7pm are being booked for Club Night in order to reduce overly-long waits between games and provide reasonable value-for-money for participants.

Club Nights are for players of all standards and ages. All you need to do is turn up, sign in and wait your turn on court. Format is one game PAR to 15 and you’ll play 2 games before waiting your next turn on court. Cost is £1.50 per night; juniors – £0.75 per night.

Squash Coaching sessions for September (with Jimmy Wells and Jim Scriven) will be posted on the notice-board this weekend. Limited to 2 participants per session they are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Squash Club Committee Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 26th August. If you have any issues you wish to raise please contact any one of the committee members.

Scottish Squash & Racketball (SSR) Update
The Club will affiliate with SSR this year

Our Masters Tournament will be held from 19-21 November

We have been promised a “PlayRacketball” launch which will occur after the series of 6 Regional launches which commence later this month through to October.

A UKCC Level 1 Coaching Course will be held in Dumfries later this year

At least 4 of our club members are participating in the Racketball Leaders course

The closing date for the Doubles Tournament being held on Sunday 29th August from 2-6pm is Sunday 22nd August. Don’t miss out!

Easy Fundraising
Just a reminder that Dumfries Squash Club is registered with Easy Fundraising and once you’ve registered your cause as the squash club every time you shop on-line with affiliated retailers (and there’s thousands) you’ll raise money for the club. There are no additional costs involved and also discounts available.

Just register at the following web address www.easyfundraising.org.uk/dsc  and then do your online shopping as normal. Look out for special offers and increased contributions!

For example, 2 weeks ago as my current contract was ending I compared energy suppliers with www.which.co.uk/switch to determine the best deal and then switched supplier via Easy Fundraising. In 5-10 minutes I’d saved myself over £120 on my combined energy bills and raised £20 for the club into the bargain. Kerching!

Feedback – your comments and suggestions for future issues of the squash newsletter are actively sought and welcomed.

Keith Gristwood



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