Booking courts

Squash and Tennis courts can either be booked at the main clubhouse by using the console in the corridor or by using our online booking system.

Online booking

New Court Booking Link Nov 2021

Full details on using the club court system are available here.

Court Fees

  • Peak: £1.80 per 45 minutes per player
  • Off-Peak: £1.10 per 45 minutes per player
  • Off Peak covers the morning, mid-afternoon and late evening.
  • £2.00 fee for a guest opponents ( this is in addition to the court cost above and will be taken from a members fob once they activate the lights)

Floodlit Tennis

  • One player, £1.00 per court for half an hour
  • If playing for an 1hr, 1.5hr or 2 hrs then named players can pay for a period of lights between then. (see here for instructions New booking guide Dec 2021)
  • Please note, you should NEVER cancel a court booking or lights once you have created a start time. The system allows you to Just pause the lights and that stops you paying for them.
  • £2.00 fee for an invited guest opponent playing with a member (above the court cost)

Daylight Tennis

  • Booking fee of 20p per court for half an hour. All courts must be booked before play starts.

Non-members pay a £2 fee to play with a member are permitted to play twice.

Pay as you play fees are £5 per court per one and a half hour. Prior booking must be made  at the bar.

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