New Booking System and Door

Dumfries Sports Club has an entry and booking system within the club. This uses an electronic fob system. Members will be issued with their own individual fob. This allow entry into the building and booking of courts. As these fobs are an expensive outlay for the club, a £4 deposit will be charged. Once a member leaves the club then return of the fob will allow the £4 to be returned.

Access to the building
Outside the front door there is a small wall mounted unit. Place your fob on the small button, your name will be displayed on the screen and the door lock will be released. Please note that it is not possible to remotely open the door using the old buzzer system.

Booking court system
In the main corridor there is a console. Outside each of the courts there are small wall mounted units. The wall-mounted units above and to the right of the main console are for the tennis courts.

Place your fob on the main console and you will be allowed to add credit, book and cancel your courts. The console is a touch screen.

Adding credit : to add credit to your account, choose account details. This then will show you how much credit you have and how many courts you have booked. To add credit, simply insert money into the console.

NB. To be able to phone book or book over the internet, you must have credit in your account.

Booking courts : to book a court, first select either ‘squash’ or ‘tennis’ then select the correct day and roughly the correct time by use of the ‘<earlier’ and ‘>later’ buttons. Then select ‘view all courts’, this will give you an oversight of all 4 courts. Courts that have been booked are clearly shown. To book a court, simply select the correct one. You will then be returned to the main screen, select ‘pay now’, you can then choose to use credit from your account, or if you have insufficient funds, you can add the money at this stage. Your court is then booked.

Cancelling a court : to cancel a court, select the required court as per booking courts, then select ‘view status’, the screen will change and on the bottom left there appears a button allowing you to cancel the court. If this is cancelled more than 24 hours in advance the refund will be credited into your account, if not, you will only be credited if someone else books this court.

Playing a court : If you have booked a court DO NOT use your fob on the wall mounted units, it is YOUR opponent that uses his/her fob. (if you have booked the court and use your fob, the system assumes you are playing with a guest and will charge both for a guest fee and for the balance of the court fee). Your opponent must have sufficient credit on their account to play.

Extra playing time : Providing that a court is NOT booked you can extend the time of play by up to 2 x 8 minute intervals either before or after your session, again it is the opponent who uses his fob, and they will be debited for the amount. You will have to give half of the fee directly to your opponent.

Phone booking : Phone bookings are still accepted providing that the bar is open, and you have sufficient credit on your account.

Internet booking : “” and follow the online booking link provided.

You will need your username and password. Your username is the first 3 letters of your surname and the first 3 letters of your forename. (Eg. Peter Nicol would be NicPet), your password is initially set to your postcode. If you did not supply your postcode on your membership form, a password can be obtained from the membership secretary. You are strongly advised to immediately change your password.

Paypal : You can also top-up your account using the XML 2010 on-line court booking system. Log-in to your account and click on the button “Topup with PayPal” in the top-right corner.

Choose the amount you wish to top-up (£20, £30, £40, £50 or £100) then follow the instructions to pay with your PayPal account, your Credit card or Debit Card. Your top-up will be credited within one hour, and normally within 10 minutes.

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