Club Squash League



This month’s Club Squash Leagues (view here).



Scoring for the leagues is English (normal) scoring to 9, unless otherwise stated for that month.

Best of 5 games played to 9.
At 8-8 receiver has choice of Set 1 or 2: ergo, 9-8 or 10-(9/8)

Player 1 to contact Players 2 and 3
Player 2 to contact Players 3 and 4
Player 3 to contact Players 4 and 5
Player 4 to contact Players 5 and 1
Player 5 to contact Players 1 and 2

Points Scoring

Score 3 – 0, 6 points to winner, 1 point to loser
Score 3 – 1, 5 points to winner, 2 points to loser
Score 3 – 2, 4 points to winner, 3 points to loser

In the event a match is not completed within the time-slot, points are awarded as follows:

2 sets won – 3 points
1 set won – 2 points
0 sets won – 1 point

If a player does not contact his designated opponents or no-shows, the opponent can claim a walk-over. A walk-over or no-show earns 4 points to the opponent, and 0 points to the person who gives the walk-over or no-shows.

In general, the top two players in each league will be promoted and the bottom two relegated, subject to new entrants and returns from injury.

Bonus Points

Players who play all their matches are awarded a bonus of 5 points. A player giving a walk-over or a no-show for any match will not receive any bonus points, whereas if you are given a walk-over or your opponent no-shows then you will be entitled to the bonus points if you have played all your remaining matches.

If you withdraw from a league during the month due to injury, please note on the sheet when you will be fit to re-enter the leagues.

Leagues will be taken down at 1700hrs on the last day of the month


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