Tennis Club Box Leagues

Singles Box Leagues

To enter please add your name to the leagues on the tennis notice board or email your details at

The Box League is open to Men and Ladies (any standard) who are member of the club.

The Leagues will consist of three or four players per league thus keeping the player commitment down to playing only two or three games per month.

The matches played each month are the best of two sets (tie-breaks in each). See below for rules, contact information and how to enter.

Upcoming Matches and Results
The Dumfries Tennis Club singles box leagues are now supported online through the LTA.

View current league Club Winter Box Leagues 2014/15

Club Winter Junior Box Leagues 2014/15

Club Summer Box Leagues 2014.

Club Junior Box Leagues 2014

Previous Results
The 2012 results prior to use of the LTA system are below.

Club Tennis league 2012 Sept results

Club Tennis League 2012 July results

Club Tennis league 2012 June results

Club Tennis league 2012 May results


Rules are simple:

  1. Please attempt to complete all your matches by end of the relevant month.
  2. All matches are the best of 2 (tie-break) sets. (All tie breaks are the first to seven with two points clear, if tie break goes to 6-6 then the first to go two points clear thereafter wins).
  3. Start arranging your matches whenever the leagues are posted. Please note that other tennis events are ongoing throughout the summer so book your courts as early as you can.If you are having problems arranging matches with opponents, notify me ASAP and I will consider whether walkovers are appropriate.
  4. Promotion & Relegation will be determined generally on a one-up, one down basis (but depending on the size of the Divisions and fresh exoduses and influxes, this could change). The final standings of each group shall be determined by the following priority:a) Greatest number of points;
    b) Head to head result of that month for tied players;
    c) Greatest number of wins;
    d) Highest percentage of games won out of the games played;
    e) Head to head results from previous leagues.
  5. Points are allocated, according to the followinga) 1 point for playing the match,
    b) 1 point for each set won,
    c) 2 points for winning the match,
    d) 1 point for a drawn match.
  6. The winner is responsible for submitting the results, see below.
  7. If a match has to be abandoned (e.g. due to bad weather, loss of court availability), then the match must be replayed in its entirety, unless at least the first set has been completed, in which case the match shall proceed from the point when it was halted.
  8. When a player is in a position where he can be promoted or relegated at the end of the League, but his remaining opponents are unavailable to play (see rule 3), then a walkover can be requested. In such case, the walkover comprises: 4 points, (2 for a win and 1 for each of their 2 x 6-0 sets).
  9. Matches that have NOT been completed by the end of the relevant month, shall be deemed to be void.
  10. Any player who becomes injured or for any other reason cannot play that month will be relegated unless they are already in the bottom league.
  11. Players re-joining the league will be placed as close to the leaving position as possible.
  12. New players joining the league will be placed within the league at the Organiser’s discretion.
  13. The Organiser’s decision on all matters is final.
  14. Please submit results by eitherEmail to
    Text to 07734 073397 or
    by adding the scores to the leagues on the tennis notice board.I will attempt to get the results updated monthly here on the Dumfries Sports Club website.

N.B. Players may be removed from leagues if they have not played at least 1 match.

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