The Dumfries Running Club was first formed in June 1979 and it is probably the largest and most successful running club in south-west Scotland, with the annual membership between 150 and 200.

The club has had it’s base at the Dumfries Sports Club at Nunholm since 1984 and members who join the sports club enjoy the use of the excellent and varied facilities available depending upon the type of membership taken.

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Dumfries Running Club

The main activities are based on training and racing on roads, but cross country and hill running are also important to the club.

Training for fitness and health is as important to many members as it is to compete in racing events. Most members do however find competition in races a challenge, and are able by taking part in events to gauge their progress.

The age group of members ranges from mid 20s upwards-to 60 plus!!—, both male and female, likewise amongst the membership is a complete range of abilities from joggers to athletes who have run for Scotland.

Also paramount to the club is a strong social atmosphere, involving gatherings in the club lounge at Nunholm after training. We have an annual dinner and dance and prize giving along with many other fund raising events throughout the year, the long weekend to the Lake District for example is very popular.

The club annually organizes the Dumfries Half Marathon, over twenty years old, a five mile race, club handicap events, cumulative points competitions, and from time to time full marathon races, the 2002 race being a notable success.




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