10,000 Hits

24 11 2008

Is this site used much? The new Dumfries Sports Club website has been online for some nine months so far and has just recorded the 10,000th hit on the site.

That is, on average, about 35 hits a day with the busiest day attracting nearly 130 page impressions and the number of visits each month have increased over time. For the stattos amongst you some more detail is provided below. However with these numbers hopefully the site is proving its worth in attracting interest and members to the club and increasing involvement within the existing club members.

The Home page (see the menu above) has been viewed about 2,500 times with just under 2,000 visits to the News page.

The introductory menu pages for tennis and squash have been viewed nearly five hundred times (averaging nearly twice a day) with the pages on cricket, running and hockey running at roughly half those totals (averaging once a day) and those for juniors and the gym well past one hundred and fifty each (once every two days).

The site pages regarding membership and new members have each been viewed over two hundred and fifty times and on average are each seen once a day with the page to contact or find us used every other day.

The most popular news articles have been those on the 2008 Dumfries Half Marathon and the arrival of Border TV to film the club’s old masters (squash players!).

The highest number of visitors have come via the Cricket Club site and the most popular search used to find the site is for “Dumfries Sports Club” (perhaps not surprisingly) with the next set of searches essentially looking for Tennis or Squash in Dumfries.

The most popular link to follow has easily been that for the Running  Club site which has been followed over one hundred and sixty times.

This is not including the link used for booking courts online which on average has only been used about twice a day and is actually not the main reason for the traffic levels on the site.



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