Squash: Court Renovations Update

3 11 2009

The latest stage of our squash court renovations programme was completed during the first week of October. The main focus of this stage was the repair and re-plastering of Court 1’s walls and the sanding-down of the floor. At some future date, the floor in Court 1 may need to be lifted, the bearers replaced and the floor re-laid.

On Courts 3 and 4, the front walls were sanded-down, repaired and re-painted while several loose floorboards (and springy areas) were also repaired and the court lines renewed. During the repair of the springy areas we were informed that the distance between the bearers on Courts 3 and 4 are significantly wider apart (700mm) than would be today’s norm (400mm) and as such in the future both these floors will likely require lifting, new bearers inserted and the floors re-laid to maintain the integrity of the playing surface.

We hope the recent repairs have met with your approval. If you discover any new loose boards please contact one of the committee members.

The Squash Committee



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