Tennis: Changes to daylight court bookings

7 06 2011

Over the past couple of months more and more players have failed to complete the second player booking, therefore to insure that the club still gets the correct court fee and we still have a system which allows us to check correct court usage, we are slightly changing the way day time tennis is booked. NOTE THAT THE CHANGES BELOW ARE NOW LIVE!

Please note that NO changes have occurred with regards to floodlit tennis.

The tennis club and main sports club still want to charge 20p per court session during the day, so in order to make it more user friendly the cost of the courts will now be 20p per player which has increased from the previous 10p.

However, the club will now accept (daylight tennis only) that when 1 player books/reserves a court, whether it be at the kiosk or via the internet, that this will complete the booking/reservation. This will allow players to enter the courts before their start time, which stops players hanging about the console waiting for the correct time, which was the biggest complaint/inconvenience.

This now means that only 1 player will be charged so it is up to each player to resolve who pays.

Please note the system will still take 2 players booking and charge both players, this cannot be refunded, so you have to learn quickly and the lights will continue to work with both players booking the courts as normal.

Guest Fees
The club would ask all player who bring guests down to please continue to book using their fob twice, the only difference being is that your guest fee would rise to £2.20 to complete the booking.

The Tennis Committee



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