Cricket: Dumfries players go Reiving

28 08 2013

Peter Lojszczyk featured for the Border Reivers in their 3-day match against the Highlanders at Stirling at the beginning of last week, a match which ended in a draw.

Border Reivers with the Pro Series Trophy in Aberdeen

Border Reivers with the Pro Series Trophy in Aberdeen

Seventeen year old Niall Alexander received a late call-up for the Reivers after playing at Nunholm on Sunday and found himself with Scott Beveridge in Aberdeen on Monday playing in their one-day match in the Pro Series.

There he acquitted himself well taking two wickets and was a factor in a late innings slump that saw the Highlanders only squeeze home by one wicket.

Nevertheless the Reivers claimed the Trophy for their Pro Series victories over the Highlanders side.

Dumfries’s Chris McBride captained the Cumbria U14s side to creditable performances in their five days of cricket at the Scarborough Cricket Festival last week with his best performance in their eight wicket win over Durham where he took three wickets and finished on 38 not out.



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