Wimbledon Ticket Ballot 2016

27 03 2016

Wimbledon Ticket Ballot

Dumfries tennis club has received another good allocation of Wimbledon tickets this year, 6 pairs. We have also for the second year in a row been given Men’s final tickets!

Please contact Lister, Lister.McKiddie@walker-sharpe.co.uk before the club ballot if you would like to be entered into it. It will be held on Monday, 4th April at 8 pm within the Farries suite of the main sports club. The tickets are:-

  1. Tuesday, 28 June – court 2 – £40;
  2. Thursday 30 June – court 1 – £69;
  3. Friday, 1 July – court 1 – £72;
  4. Friday 1 July – centre – £89;
  5. Sunday 10 July – court 1 – £29;
  6. Sunday 10 July – centre – £160.

The club will do a manual ballot and it will be a case of first out gets first choice and so on. Any member of Dumfries Sports club can take part in the ballot as long as they have joined the LTA as a member of British tennis 24 hours before ballot and also opted into the ballot on the LTA website on their member page, 24 hours before the ballot. Tickets are issued in pairs and seniors and juniors can take part although juniors must be 9 or over. Those successful must attend in person and juniors must be accompanied by an adult. Those who are successful can take anyone.

We will need the winners to decide quickly on the tickets they would like and once all tickets have been allocated, we will advise LTA of the winners, the LTA will then contact the winners by email or post and tickets will be paid for over the phone or via the website. You will have 14 days from the LTA contact to make payment, if payment is not made someone else in the club will automatically get the opportunity of purchasing the tickets. You should therefore ensure that the LTA details for you which you should be able to access on the LTA website are correct and up to date including your address and email address. You will get more information on Wimbledon if you go on the LTA website.



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