Membership Renewal 2021

22 02 2021

Dumfries Sports Club understands that 2020 was a tough year and 2021 continues to be that way. The Club committee would like to thank all the members who have continued to support our club, even when they couldn’t take part in their main activity at their club.

We are now at the point of asking members to renew their memberships for 2021 and appreciate that a number of you will be apprehensive about this as your sport may not be allowed as yet. So, if you want to play tennis then please renew as soon as you can, if you are still happy to support your club and keep paying your Standing Order or full fee, then thank you very very much. Everyone else, we hope to see you very soon.

Membership Fee Support Application

The club recognises that 2020 was a hard year in a number of ways and that continues. So if anyone wants to discuss membership fee options then please take a look at our MEMBERSHIP FEE SUPPORT APPLICATION POLICY (link below). This has been created by us for you, our members. We want our members to continue at their club without any financial barriers. So please read the attached policy and complete the online form which is at the bottom of this page.

Membership renewals for this coming year for the Sports Club can now be paid.

All Members are asked to complete a renewal membership form, ensuring that you complete the whole form. (link to the form is at the bottom of the page) 

The club is still currently closed so we would ask if you could either pay via;

  • Monthly Standing Order, (form attached or you can set-up via mobile or online banking)
  • Bank Transfer for full amount, please add members name as a reference so we can match payments, 
  • Court Booking Account Top-Up, by adding the appropriate fees to your booking account via Paypal or Card payment. 
  • Cheque – If you would prefer to pay by cheque then please drop this through our door but please note that it will take time for this to be collected and banked. Please enclose your name, address and contact details with the cheque so we can match this up.

Life Members do NOT need to do anything, their details will be transferred automatically.

Standing Order paying Members please complete a renewal form so we know who is continuing. (it only takes 2 minutes)

Members who wish to pay via PayPal or by Card through their online account, can do so by login into their club account (details can be provided if you don’t know yours), select the “Top-up via PayPal” button, using the drop down menu then select the appropriate amount then add your card details (you may need to repeat this if paying for a Couple or Family Membership). Please note the Paypal fees.

Full Member – £182, Senior – £108, Intermediates & Students – £92 (these figures have been created to allow the club to secure a full membership rate once Paypal take off the fees) Any additional funds above your membership fee will be left in your club account. If you choose to do it this way please let me know by email as soon as possible, so I can remove the sum straight-away. You don’t need a PayPal account to do this.

Standing Order/Faster Payments
If you pay by Standing Order, please check if your membership category is changing because of your age and adjust your payments accordingly by the end of February please.

Guests (when they are allowed back at the club)
Once Covid restrictions ease, members are allowed to bring guests to the club for a game of squash or tennis, when booking a court with the one fob a £2 guest fee will be taken plus the normal court fee. All visitors who use the bar must sign the visitors book which is located in the bar. Members are not allowed to bring guests to the gym. We would also ask members to restrict the same guest to no more than 3 games of either squash or tennis per year. Anything above that then please get them to join on a Trial Membership or a membership.

Trial Membership

Trial Memberships cover a 1 year period, therefore if a Trial Member does not join after their 2 months Trial ends they will NOT be allowed another Trial until a 12 month period has lapsed from their trial end date. They can join as a full/Pro-rata member at any time after their trial has ended.


Membership Categories for 2021/22

Membership TypeAnnual FeeMonthly SOTerms & Conditions
Full£175£15.0026-64 yrs
Family£350£30.00inc. junior children
Couple£304£26.50Two adults residing at same address
One Parent£185£16.00One adult and junior children
Senior£103£9.0065+ yrs
Intermediate£88£7.5019-25 yrs
Student£88£7.50Valid student card full-time study only
Secondary Junior£30N/AChildren in Secondary School
Primary Junior£20N/AChildren in Primary School
Associate Clubs£50/£25N/AUse of bar and lounges and showers
Social£10N/AUse of bar and lounges only
Trial£30N/A2 months unlimited use
School£200N/Aoff-peak usage only

Should anyone want to discuss any of the above please contact me using this email address.


Please note, the club only holds your information for the purpose of promoting the club and for fellow members to contact you for games within the respective leagues. Any member who leaves the club will have their details placed in a void list which is only accessible to the membership secretary and these details will be deleted after 3 years if you do not return. Void members will not receive any further communication from our club during this 3 year retention period. 


The club also has a referral scheme. Introduce a friend or family member to your club and you may be entitled to some credit. Please check out the details on our website

Any member of Dumfries Sports Club can become a British Tennis Member using Dumfries LTC as their venue. If you become a member through this club then you are eligible to enter the Wimbledon Ballot for tickets to the event in 2021. To join for free see the link below. Any questions please ask.

British Tennis Member – Join

Dumfries Sports Club Online Membership Form 2021

Dumfries Sports Club – Membership Fee Support Application Form

The Clubs Bank Details;

TSB Dumfries – Business Account

Sort Code: 30-25-88

Account Number: 00369049

Name of Account: Dumfries Sports Club Managed Account

Best Regards
The Management Committee



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