Racketball: Make a Racket

28 08 2010

Read about the launch of Racketball in Scotland.

In The Winning Zone profiles of one of Scotland’s growing sports – welcome to the high-octane world of racketball…

It’s fun, it’s easy to play and it’s great for everyone. What is it? It’s Scotland’s new sport – racketball.

Over the next couple of months, racketball is going to be rolled out all over the country. By the end of the launch period it is expected that kids, teenagers and even grans and grandads will be hooked by an activity that is similar to squash, but more accessible to all. Read more…

Play racketball at Dumfries Sports Club or visit www.scottishracketball.com to find out more about the sport.

Squash: Junior club to build on its success

2 10 2009

Coach Jordan Currie (centre back) with Nunholm juniors

Coach Jordan Currie (centre back) with Nunholm juniors

The popular Junior Squash and Racketball Club night has restarted at Nunholm Squash Club and takes place on Sunday nights between 7pm and 9pm.

The club has been lucky enough to have had a good crop of juniors coming through over the last few years with some being ranked at national level.

Nunholm has the current Dumfries and Galloway Schools Squash Champion Iain Anderson and the runner-up Douglas Brotherston leading the new crop of juniors.

There are also a number of younger players who now have a few seasons under their belt and they can only improve on their skills and technique as they are now physically stronger.

The junior club night is aimed at 12-18 year olds but organiser Raymond Currie said: “The club night is as much about our juniors using and enjoying the facilities the sports club has to offer.”

He added: “When they juniors are not on court they get to play free pool or watch Sky Sports TV and they will also get free refreshments.”

The club is fortunate again to have Jordan Currie, a qualified Scottish squash level one coach on hand again to help out at the club nights until the end of the year.

Jordan himself has come through the junior ranks at Nunholm and is keen to see more juniors try out squash and racketball.

The cost of the two-hour session is £2 but is free for the first night for any potential new member and rackets and eye protection is provided.

For further information contact Raymond Currie on 01387 257036 or 07515 994172.

Racketball: League starting up

22 08 2009

A racketball league is starting up on the courts at the club. ALL details are available on the club noticeboard.

Note – this is open for any sports club members to try out. Tennis players and cricketers are most welcome!

Rackets and balls are available from the bar for those starting out.

Find out about Racketball

1 11 2008

What exactly are those strange rackets being used on the squash courts? You can find more out about racketball, including how to play it, here

And as for Racketball Versus Racquetball?

Two nations separated by a common language often trips off the tongue of media commentators when discussing the relationship between Britain and the United States. And you could be forgiven for thinking that is solely what separates racketball from its cousin across the Atlantic (racquetball).

However while the basic design of the squash court is shared by the two codes there are indeed differences that mark them out as separate sporting disciplines. …”

The full article can be read here