Conserve your energy

16 02 2008

As many will have seen there has been a lot of maintenance work taking place at the Clubhouse this week.

The bumps and thumps in the ceiling have been the result of more insulation being installed. Work is also being undertaken to fit new radiators and a new boiler has been installed. This has meant some short-term disruption to the heating but is aimed at cutting back on the high, and still increasing, energy costs which have had to be reflected in increased subscription costs.

Hopefully members will have one eye on their subs and help to minimise energy wastage by ensuring doors and windows are closed where appropriate and by turning off equipment and lights when not required.

Sunglasses for courts 3 and 4

8 02 2008

Squash courts 3 and 4 have had the repair work completed. With the walls repainted and the floors sanded players are advised to bring along their sunglasses.

Squash Court Repairs

16 01 2008

Courts 3 and 4 are to have repair work done. They will be unavailable on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of February. Please check the notices at the club. 

All plaster will be tidied up with the door surrounds repaired. Both are to be repainted and lined and floors will have full length board repairs. Both will be sanded and relined. After this they should be much improved.

Court 2 needs major work carried out. The squash committee have asked the Club management committee to consider this as a matter of urgency.

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