The ‘first’ lacrosse match in Scotland

16 05 2008

125 years ago today, on the 16th of May, 1883 a team of Canadians took on a team of Iroquois Indians at lacrosse at Nunholm. This, it seems, was the first lacrosse match played in Scotland.

They were on a 3 month tour of Britain and Ireland and had landed in Liverpool the day before and travelled up to Dumfries to start their match at four in the afternoon. They were guests of the Dumfries Cricket Club and the match was played in front of “a large and fashionable gathering” and was extensively reported in the Standard and the other local paper of the time, the Courier.

Much was made of the traditional attire of the Indian Chief who was urging his team on in Choctaw.

The teams left on the 3:05 pm train to Glasgow the next day to continue their tour with a game on Friday and Saturday and which later included a game at Lords during their time in England.

The articles below taken from the Dumfries and Galloway Standard 1883 editions are reproduced with the kind permission of the paper. These are included with extracts from the other local paper of the period, the Courier. They are from the Dumfries Ewart Library archive.



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