Winter Squash Leagues 08/09

30 09 2008

The winter leagues for October are up and can be found here, Club Squash Leagues (Or by following the Quick Link at the top right of the page under the link for booking courts).

We will retain the normal scoring for the Winter leagues that is point on serve to 9 then at 8 each a choice of one or two to be decided by the player at 8 first.

We will also keep the 5 bonus points for playing all of your league games. So …

Player 1 contacts 2 and 3
Player 2 contacts 3 and 4
Player 3 contacts 4 and 5
Player 4 contacts 5 and 1
Player 5 contacts 1 and 2

Again 4 points are awarded for none contacts and it is up to you to put your scores in. Leagues will be taken down at 1700hrs on the last day of the month

Any problems call me 880 659 or 07801267493 or email .

There may be a few mistakes which I will rectify next month since there are quite a few new players of whom I know nothing so please bear with me.



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