Your invitation to make a racket!

30 09 2008
Sue Strachan, George O'Neill, Carol Brotherston

Preparing to make a racket: Sue Strachan, George O'Neill, Carol Brotherston

Nunholm Squash Club which is part of the premier multi-sports facility based at Dumfries Sports Club is offering an open invitation for anyone to come and try out RACKETBALL.

The club have organised 2 “COME AND TRY” evenings at the club the first on Thursday 2nd October from 7pm. All equipment will be provided to try out RACKETBALL and Davy Douglas of BACKSWING will be in attendance with demo rackets and balls.

Everyone is welcome and potential new members will be able to see what other facilities the club have to offer such as fully equipped gym, 4 floodlight tennis courts, and lounge bar facilities.

RACKETBALL is one of the fastest growing sports today and has the benefit of being played on a standard squash court – to which Dumfries Sports Club have 4 and of those, 3 have just gone through a process of refurbishment to a high standard.

The American of Racquetball has been around since the 1950’s but their version of the game uses the court walls and the ceiling but there is no board or tin on the front wall as in a squash court.

RACKETBALL was introduced to the UK in 1976 but it was not until 1984 that the British RACKETBALL Association was formed and the first National Championships were played.

The UK version of RACKETBALL is now played widely across Europe where there are squash courts established.

RACKETBALL is now well established in England but is still relatively new in Scotland but organiser Raymond Currie is giving everyone locally the opportunity to try it out.

Raymond explained “due to its growth many squash clubs are reaping the benefits of introducing the sport to their members”. Raymond added “As well as being a great for experienced squash players, RACKETBALL is perfect for people looking to a fun competitive sport and a 45 minute RACKETBALL match is also a fantastic cardio-vascular workout, for players of all abilities.”

Dumfries Running Club, Dumfries Cricket Club, Dumfries Men’s & Ladies Hockey Clubs are also part of Dumfries Sports Club.

Anyone looking for further information can contact Raymond Currie on 01387 27036 or 07515 994172 or alternatively contact the club on 01387 252527.



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