Membership referral programme

13 05 2010

Dumfries Sports Club has just introduced a membership referral scheme which enables existing members to benefit from the introduction of new members to the Club.

During the past 18 months’ recession and general financial-tightening, the Club has strived to contain operating costs and expenses in order to maintain reasonable value-for-money membership fees.

The Club also recognises that an increasing membership can help mitigate increased costs outwith our control and as such to encourage existing members to spread the “word” about our Club it is offering a referral fee for successful membership introductions.

Referral fees will take the form of either a voucher for use as a credit against next year’s membership fees, or as a credit to the member’s account for use towards court fees.

So spread the “word” about your Club. For full details see here!

DSC membership referral programme 2010